Book #1 The Last White Buffalo Hide

Book #1 The Last White Buffalo Hide
The Last White Buffalo Hide: THE PROPHECY! 'When the majestic buffalo are almost driven to extinction by man! And the last white buffalo hide is given to the most unlikely source! The beginning that will lead us to the end will be upon us!'

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Genre Ideas

Lets see... does anyone have any idea what my series should be classified under? It starts as a historical western romance fiction (book #1 and book #2). By book #2 I am including a touch of spirituality both Native Indian's and God's (taken from the bible) with a touch of my own beliefs as well, since my series will now go to the end of days and a new beginning. By book #3 the western flavour disappears to be replaced with a touch of fantasy, magic and still the spirituality remains. So book #3 would be historical romance fiction (I think lol). Book #4 & #5 will bring us to the present and beyond so historical will be out but the romance, fantasy and spirituality will stay for sure! Thinking of adding a mystery or suspense theme to these two books (haha won't know till I actually write them. By the 6th book my series will have a new name and be classified for sure as fantasy but I still want to keep the romance involved somehow as well as some spirituality! Well maybe I should just classify them as fiction romance but then I don't really like that! It is too umm general haha or maybe predictable is a better word, and I don't ever want to be predictable!! So any idea's anyone maybe there is a genre somewhere I don't know about? So how about making this a contest the one to come up with the right classification for my series will get there name included in my 3rd book (Dream Dancer and the Celtic Witch)

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