Book #1 The Last White Buffalo Hide

Book #1 The Last White Buffalo Hide
The Last White Buffalo Hide: THE PROPHECY! 'When the majestic buffalo are almost driven to extinction by man! And the last white buffalo hide is given to the most unlikely source! The beginning that will lead us to the end will be upon us!'

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Wow so excited, I love the review I got from Miranda on my new redone Passionate Alliance!!

Passionate Alliance Review
Soft cover   ISBN: 978-1448958047
​EBook         ISBN: 978-1456081980

5.0 out of 5 stars: Smart and Sexy Reading Feb 1 2013
By M.N. Prather - Published on
Passionate Alliance
by: Lauretta Beaver

Rarely are readers of romances privileged enough to find those that contain intriguing plotlines, solid and accurately drawn characters all set in a sound basis of historical fact. Lauretta Beaver's Passionate Alliance is just such a unique Western Romance. A quick glance at the listings in this category yields the usual cookie-cutter characters that follow the same tired stories of Western Romance's past. Beaver's book starts with the legend of the white buffalo, a figure that is sacred in many American Indian cultures. As the story unfolds, Jed Brown, who is also known as Grey Wolf, is burying his Indian wife and son. Giant Bear, a chief in the area, joins Brown in avenging the killers of both men's wives. With each step of their journey, more mystery unfolds and romance! Their path leads them straight to firecracker Melissa Ray, a small town sheriff clearly ahead of her time. On their adventure to see justice done, there are shootouts, cowboys and Indians, everything you would expect from a Western Romance.

Like any good romance novel, the work does contain well-drawn and true-to-life sex scenes, but they never feel either overly sleazy or too frilly as readers will recognize in most romance novels. Character coupled with story are always the hallmarks of good writing no matter the genre and Beaver manages to bring to a life a smarter, truer Western Romance for readers of the genre to explore. There are some deviations from strict historical timelines that Beaver rightly shares with readers, but this in no way takes away from her story. Traditional fans of romance are sure to find all of the escapism that they crave from such novels while those who do not typical read the genre will find themselves pleasantly surprised how Passionate Alliance does not fall into the same old molds of traditional romance. Truly, Beaver's works are smart and sexy reading.

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