Book #1 The Last White Buffalo Hide

Book #1 The Last White Buffalo Hide
The Last White Buffalo Hide: THE PROPHECY! 'When the majestic buffalo are almost driven to extinction by man! And the last white buffalo hide is given to the most unlikely source! The beginning that will lead us to the end will be upon us!'

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Blessings

I want to wish all my family, friends, and my fans a very happy New Year!!
I hope that 2014 brings you love, laughter, friendships, wealth, and above all good health!

2013 brought many changes in my life and was one of my best years; not only in my quest for love and friendship, but also in my determination to become a better author!

2014 already looks bright and full of love as I prepare for my wedding on June 30, 2014!
It will also be the year I publish the 3rd novel in my series White Buffalo (New Beginnings):
~~  Dream Dancer & the Celtic Witch! ~~ I am hoping to have it completed and sent to my publishers within the next week or two! YEAH!!!

I hope your New Year looks just as promising as mine will be:
Cheers to one and all as we celebrate the 2014 New Year, but please don't drink and drive; stay safe!!!

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