Book #1 The Last White Buffalo Hide

Book #1 The Last White Buffalo Hide
The Last White Buffalo Hide: THE PROPHECY! 'When the majestic buffalo are almost driven to extinction by man! And the last white buffalo hide is given to the most unlikely source! The beginning that will lead us to the end will be upon us!'

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2015, Record Gazette in Peace River Alberta news article, as well as more book sales and promotions.

Date of marriage is wrong it should be June 20th 2014; other then that it was a great article, although I could have skipped the picture!

This is the beautiful Dunvegan in Northern Alberta, this is where the photo for the article above was taken.

Rycroft Farmers Market Sale; picture is much better here lol :)

Rycroft Chuck Wagon Races, outside market :)

The 1st sale of 2015 was at the Peace River Alberta Farmers Market

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